Mrs. Vanashree Joshi, pioneer of Fanales in India, states, “It was not to provide aid, but to empower these women financially and to inculcate the values of “efficiency” and “quality” in them. The whole idea was to make them associates of the company and partners in its growth.”

As one of the women worker’s there remarks, ‘We Women belonging to the rural area were always restricted to do household chores, but today we feel proud to be working for an international brand!’

These Women of Jai-Jui feel a sense of pride today!  Jai-Jui was started by Ms. Praniti Shinde to help create work for the youth and women in Solapur and therefore to bridge the rural-urban divide.

As Ms. Praniti Shinde, founder of Jai - Jui comments, “With the whole motto of bringing development to people, we thought of starting small scale industries for them. And that is when Fanales came into picture. Mrs. Joshi was keen to work with these women and to give them an opportunity to become self sufficient and independent.”

Hence Jai – Jui and Fanales joined hands to produce these exquisite wax shells in India.  A team was put together by Fanales headed by Mrs. Vanashree Joshi, to train these women keeping in mind German standards and precisions.

In this regard, Mrs. Vanashree Joshi , Project Head, states, “ A technical team was put together to take care of the formulations and on the other hand a team of designers worked on the collections varying it from season to season. This product today is sold all over the world”

All through the training sessions held, emphasis was laid on quality. As Punya Raheja, Manager Business Development remarks, “The Fanale goes through several quality checks at various levels to ensure that the final product that reaches the end consumer is of uncompromised quality. Customer satisfaction is of prime importance to us.”

Thus the Fanale is a perfect blend of Indian Talent and German precision and travels an audacious journey from the hands of its makers to the final consumer!