1) What are Fanales made up of??
Fanales are made up of superior quality inputs such as paraffin wax and property enhancers that help give it a unique look.
2) Reason to buy Fanales??
3) Which votives can be used to light Fanales??
4) Do they melt when a tea-light candle is lit in the interior??
5) Do they have fragrances??
6) In how many shapes and sizes are they available??
7) In how many colors are they available??
8) Do they float in water??
9) Is Fanales a patented product??
10) Is Fanales India, an Indian company??
11) Where are they manufactured in India??
12) Where can I buy Fanales in India??
13) Where is the corporate office of Fanales located in India??
14) Where all do you deliver??
15) What is the mode of payment??
16) What is the delivery and shipment procedure??
17) Do you also do customization??
18) Do you do corporate gifting as well??